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Fifth Edition

Jerome M. Sattler and Robert D. Hoge
Copyright 2006, 816 pages
Illustrated, hardbound, 8.5 x 11
ISBN 0-9702671-3-4
Assessment of  Children was nominated as one of the 50 great books in psychology.  - Teaching of Psychology, 1994

“Assessment of Children: Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Foundations: Fifth Edition is comprehensive, well-written, surprisingly easy to read, and so well organized that it will continue to be a primary text for school psychologists in training. It is also a wonderful reference because of its breadth, depth, organization, and tables/appendices. Issues that are addressed in this text are issues that confront the practicing school psychologist on a daily basis. As noted above, the text stands alone in the quantity, quality, utility, readability, and organization of information on assessment of children for intervention, and remains consistent with Jerome Sattler’s history of writing excellence. This is the text against which all others will be measured.”
Tom Cushman, Communiqué (2006)

"This text remains the gold standard in assessment best practices, an exemplary guide for clinical foundations in the disciplines of child and school psychology." Click here to read Diana Joyce's complete review.
Diana Joyce, University of Florida, The School Psychologist, 2006, 60(3; Summer), 123-124.

“The book is an unparalleled resource of information on child assessment, development, and disability”
—Nancy Mather, University of Arizona

“An invaluable book for anyone involved in the assessment of children. The Fifth Edition continues the wonderful tradition of providing highly readable and useful information along with extensive references and appendices. This book will surely hold a central place on your bookshelf and will be turned to often to “find the answer.”
—Ron Dumont, Fairleigh Dickenson University

"The Fifth Edition is is a remarkable achievement. It provides clear, detailed guidance and background information on an extraordinarily broad array of assessment topics, contains invaluable tables, has remarkably clear writing and organization, and provides updated information and guidance on specilized assessment issues. I am eager to use the new edition for my own assessments and with my students. —John O. Willis, Rivier College

“Sattler has done it again. The best book in the field.”
—William A. Hillix, San Diego State University

"Our nation's children will benefit from this excellent and inspiring resource."
Lori R. Muskat, Georgia School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University

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