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Sixth Edition


Sattler’s sixth edition of the seminal Foundations of Behavioural, Social, and Clinical Assessment of Children offers readers a detailed and comprehensive, yet cohesive and tightly written synthesis of assessment. The systematic structure of the text, both with regards to the incremental chapter sequence and the methodical, signposted layout within chapters, ensures information flows. Indeed, one of the most significant strengths of the text lies in its organised, concise summation of numerous assessment measures, allowing the reader to straightforwardly access relevant information.

—Sarah van Ree (2014). Book Review of Foundations of Behavioural, Social, and Clinical Assessment of Children. The Australian Educational and Developmental Psychologist, 31(2), 155–156. http://doi.org/10.1017/edp.201417


“Sattler does it again! This text is the gold standard in child behavioral assessment.”

—Cliff McKinney, Ph.D., Mississippi State University


“The best single resource in the field of assessment for students and professionals.”

—Daniel Olympia, Ph.D., University of Utah


“An unparalleled text for students, young practitioners in the field, and experienced psychologists.”

—Kathleen Krach, Ph.D., Troy University


 “There is not a more thorough and comprehensive assessment textbook in the fields of school and clinical psychology. Dr. Sattler continues to leave a legacy of excellence with this latest work.”

—Martin Marzak, Ph.D., University of Alberta


“The depth and breadth of coverage is astounding. This will surely become one of the ‘go-to’ references used by teachers, psychologists, and mental health professionals.”

—Ron Dumont, Ph. D. Fairleigh Dickinson University


The Sixth Edition builds on Sattler’s tradition of providing rigorous and comprehensive coverage of assessment practices for children.”

— Diana Joyce Beaulieu, Ph.D., University of Florida


“The revised material, expanded scope, extensive and timely new material, and invaluable tables continue the Sattler tradition of comprehensiveness, clarity, insight, and utility. My students, my colleagues, and I will eagerly make extensive use of the newest and best “Sattler” yet.

—John O. Willis, Ed.D., Rivier University


“Clearly written, well-organized, and comprehensive! The Sixth Edition serves as an important text for both graduate students and professionals.”

—Salvatore P. Massa, Ph.D., New York State Certified School Psychologist


The Sixth Edition is a major contribution to the assessment of children.”

—Steven R. Shaw, Ph.D., McGill University


“A ‘must-have’ desk reference for those engaged in the assessment of children’s behavioral, social, and clinical functioning.”

—Lisa Reisinger, Ph. D., West Montreal Readaptation Center


“An essential assessment reference for graduate students and clinicians working with today’s youth.”

—Stefan E. Schulenberg, Ph.D., University of Mississippi


“Sattler’s Sixth Edition provides wisdom in underscoring the strong sense of responsibility that assessment carries.”

—Renitta L. Goldman, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham


 “The Sixth Edition remains a critical component of every school psychology training program, providing the essential information needed for understanding children with learning, behavioral, or neurodevelopmental disorders.”

—Jeheudi Mes O. Vuai, Ed. D., Barry University


“An invaluable resource for graduate students in school psychology both while taking the course and as they enter the field of school psychology.”

—Stephanie Rahill, Ph.D., Georgian Court University


“The Sixth Edition of Foundations of Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Assessment of Children is a comprehensive textbook that every psychology graduate student and practicing psychologist should have readily available for frequent use.”

—Carolyn Waldecker, Psy.D., The Hagedorn Little Village School and St. John’s University


“An invaluable resource for clinicians working with children in the community and in schools.”

—Lisa Elder Outhier, Psy.D., Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Phoenix


“An essential text for child assessment practice.” 

—Paula McWhirter, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma


“The ‘Bible’ for evaluating the social and behavioral functioning of children and adolescents is now in a new edition.

—Linda Sanders, Ph.D., NCSP, Northeastern State University


“One of the most important publications that serve both as a textbook and reference.” 

—Natalie N. Politikos, Ph.D., University of Hartford


“Provides an excellent foundation for the assessment of children.”

—Katina Lambros, Ph. D., San Diego State University


"Hello Mr. Sattler, I hope you are well. My name is Kristine Saft and I am currently a first year student in the Master's in Applied Psychology program at Laurentian University. We utilized Foundations of Behavioral, Social, and Clinical Assessment of Children (sixth edition) textbook in our child assessment course. The text was a fantastic resource, not only for my child assessment course, but for my other courses as well. I was able to utilize the textbook in several other contexts. The text is both engaging and informative. The Resource Guide was perfect for exploring assessment tools as well as brainstorming methods of assessment for my thesis research."


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