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Reviewers' Comments

WISC-IV and WPPSI-III Supplement
Jerome M. Sattler and Ron Dumont

Copyright 2004 
Illustrated, softbound, 8.5 x 11
ISBN 0-9702671-1-8

"This is a well-written and timely text that addresses the content comprehensively and is written by two authors with exceptional credibility. It is not just appropriate, but perhaps essential reading for those working with the WISC-IV and WPPSI-III." Click here to read Tom Cushman's complete review.
- Tom Cushman, SUNY Oswego

"As a new student of intelligence testing, I found the coverage of the WISC-IV to be extremely helpful. Everything from statistical and conceptual underpinnings to practical uses and limitations is concisely discussed. The abundant checklists and examples really help put the information into context. It reads easily and makes a handy reference for both administration and academic study. I would certainly recommend it to anyone starting out on the WISC-IV who wants to build a strong understanding of the instrument."
- Scott Hoffman, Minnesota State University

"The WISC-IV and WPPSI-III Supplement gives an excellent overview of these new important instruments.  It is both comprehensive and readable and upholds the Sattler tradition of excellence. It is thorough and well-written; a must-have reference for students and clinicians in the field of child assessment."
- Dr. Julie Rubin, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

"The WISC-IV and WPPSI-III Supplement is a lifesaver! Essential for students and professionals."
- Dr. Patti Van Eys, Vanderbilt University

"An excellent merger of both theory and practice."
- Dr. Cynthia Simpson, Sam Houston State University

"The WISC-IV and WPPSI-III Supplement is well written, easy to read, and chock full of helpful administrative and interpretive tips."
- Timothy Lionetti, Marywood University

"The WISC-IV and WPPSI-III Supplement provides an excellent in depth analysis of how to administer, score, and interpret these tests.  A must book for all psychologists involved in intelligence testing!"
- Dr. Mike Cass, Sul Ross University

"Assessment of Children: WISC-IV and WPPSI-III Supplement is outstanding."
- Dr. Kenneth Delano, Colorado School of Professional Psychology

"A superb resource for students and practitioners alike!"
- Dr. Dan Olympia, University of Utah

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